From D.W.
I have had the privilege to work with Rhonda Obert on 3 different occasions.  I have bought and sold over 25 personal and investment properties and Rhonda is the BEST that I have worked with.  Rhonda was the listing agent on all 3 properties but she also produced buyers with her smart advertising, open houses and personal touches.  It takes more than just a "listing" to sell a home.  My first interaction with Rhonda was selling my primary residence and she handled this million-dollar listing like a seasoned professional.  She came in with multiple comparisons to price the home and had me sold on her capabilities with the amount of work she had compiled before we even met face to face.  She hired a professional photographer that worked with a drone for aerial shots and produced a glossy 4 page tribute to my long-term home.  Additionally, she held several broker and public open houses, staged the residence to perfection and dealt with my multiple cats and dogs.  
When it was time to sell an investment property, I was grateful that Rhonda took this listing as I was no longer in the area and had to do everything remotely.  This second property was not an easy listing.  Rhonda took 100% control of the remodel (new flooring, painting, electrical work, appliances) as well as had to deal with a tenant that was not quite an easy individual to deal with. She handled all the vendors and repairs and kept me in the loop as to the progress and expenses.  Her staging of the condominium was  truly a remarkable undertaking.  She had painted the front door so it looked inviting, added potted plants and attractive decor and made a dreary entrance look bright and welcoming.   
The 3rd property just closed in early 2023 and again, Rhonda pulled out all the stops.  Aside from handling the cosmetic changes (wall painting and kitchen cabinet painting), appliance upgrades (dishwasher), she also invested her own time in cleaning the sink and the window that needed several rounds of chemicals and elbow grease to revitalize.  A less dedicated Realtor would have simply asked me to replace such vital items.  The before and after pictures of her hard work was truly amazing.  But there were two greater achievements:  1.  The staging of this condo was stupendous.  I could hardly recognize my unit and knew it would sell the first week because it looked THAT great (and it did).  I have seen many staged homes and not only did this look exceptional, she really sectioned off each part of the living room/dining room/under stairs that maximized the space and minimized any deficiencies.  She even had the linen closet ajar with beautiful linens and towels.  No detail went unnoticed.  The 2nd achievement (of many) was that she worked with the HOA Board of Directors and attended a ZOOM meeting and was able to remove 2 violations that became present at escrow.  Rhonda researched prior MLS listings for my unit as well as the complex to prove a "grandfather clause" was in effect for my unit and after Rhonda gave her 10 minute analysis of the situation, the Board agreed and the violations were discarded.  
Aside from all the above, Rhonda is SO fun to work with.  With Rhonda behind the wheel, you will receive top-notch service with a smile, increadile professionalism and adept knowledge of real estate.  And so much more.  Truly a pleasure to have worked with Rhonda since 2018!